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Yahoo hack case solved HACKER Gets into Prison

One of the most sophisticated hacking incident in history, Yahoo hack that went down in 2013 has perhaps got an end now after the imprisonment of the top notch hackers Alexey Belan & Karim Baratov. The hack which affected all 3 billion of the company's registered users was performed by Alexey Belan, who was held responsible for the main attack in front of Presiding Judge Vince Chhabria. Karim Baratov, who was also involved was held accountable for organising secondary attacks that targeted specific users.

Presiding Judge Vince Chhabria has sentenced Baratov to 5 years in prison for the criminal act. And also charged him with $250,000 fines for each of the nine charges -- for a total of $2.25 million.

According to sources, Baratov was paid around $1.1 million to steal credentials from 80 Yahoo users. Baratov did that by launching spear phishing attacks against his targets, which included government officials, members of the American and Russian press, and workers in the financ…

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